ARC 608-1- Studio Inclusive Design

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Course No.: 18708

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2014 Spring

Location: Crosby – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday/Thursdays

Meeting Time: 1:00 – 7:20

Faculty: Smith

Single-family housing is often equated to suburban America. Detached residences, however, are one of the most prevalent dwellings types throughout the world. In many countries, residences are self-designed and self-built. In contrast, in the U.S., speculative housing is far more common. Speculative (“spec”) housing is designed and constructed in advance of a client/owner, where a developer/home builder anticipates—speculates—what spaces, features, and materials will be most desirable to a potential buyer. The spec housing model, however, presents a number of design challenges and ethical issues. This is especially the case in “affordable housing,” where prospective owners (or renters) have fewer choices and also less voice regarding what is built. This studio, as such, will explore alternative methodologies of empowering and designing for future home owners, leading directly to proposals for new housing prototypes for a neighborhood in central Buffalo. The studio will utilize inclusive design theories and principles while incorporating “citizen experts” (local professionals in planning and architecture, non-profit housing developers, builders, and local community groups).