ARC 608-2– Graduate Option Studio - Solar Decathlon: Collaboration and Construction

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Course No.: 20784

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2015 Spring

Location: Crosby – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Bohm

The GRoW home makes the argument that thoughtful, innovative design can address multiple aspects of energy usage in a way that yields a unique manner of living. First, the house is designed to capture solar energy in various forms to heat and power the home and its car. Passive solar energy is exploited to create a living zone which is seasonally and diurnally dynamic, suggesting new domestic rituals and patterns. Second, the design facilitates on-site food growth, acknowledging the energy intensity of conventional food systems, and aiming to contest this while supporting a trend in local community empowerment. Last, the house thoughtfully integrates materials with lower embodied energy, thereby considering the energy spent even to bring the house into being.. In all of this, the house engages and empowers the homeowner, giving him/her agency and enabling greater stewardship of energy and resources.

This studio falls in the fifth semester of courses developing UB’s project, the GRoW Home, for the Department of Energy’s 2015 Solar Decathlon competition. Following directly from the Ecological Practices studios over the last three semesters, this studio will further develop the GRoW Home design and work toward its implementation. Construction is anticipated to begin in November 2014. As a pairing, the studio group and team will function as an innovative firm, with organizational and process cues taken from practice. This is not a typical design studio, nor is it a typical architectural practice, but will be a healthy hybrid.

This course contributes various types of efforts to the project: primarily construction work, architectural drawings, specifications, BIM model, and renderings.