ARC 607-1– Arch Design Studio 7: Solar Decathlon

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Course No.: 10281

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2015 Fall

Location: Hayes A – 01/B

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Bohm


Carlo Scarpa

Venice Biennale Ticket Booth 1952

DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing

Long Point, Ontario

This Studio will explore Design Options in the Construction Detailing Phase of GRoW House, UB’s entry in the 2015 Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition. Every student will design a series of components and constructional systems for this solar net-zero project, with an atelier-style discussion, evaluation, and selection process determining which components progress to full scale development. The primary architectural concept is to maximize expansiveness of a house with only 871 square feet of conditioned space. Detailing themes include developing a material and tectonic expression for various thermal layers, detailing of kinetic components, conceptualizing strategies for pv panel distribution, re-use of primary local construction materials, re-use of water, modularity, re-configuring domestic spatial hierarchies, identifying potential new material applications, and cultivating a sustainable landscaping / food production proposal.

This is a design studio!!!! As in the work of architects such as Carlo Scarpa, Glenn Murcutt, and Sverre Fehn, (examples pictured above) detailing design is intrinsic to the concept of the project. All GRoW House building systems need to be vetted through a design option process incorporating actual fabricated or sourced components. Design methodology will utilize a research-based iterative process, evaluated on performance criteria, and on how well any given detailing design supports primary concepts. We will investigate and evaluate various systems such as the structure, the palette & composition of materials, fastening and sealing systems, wall skins, ventilation, heating, cooling, electrical, and integrated water & growing systems. Graphic design, project management, and marketing events will be part of the studio, working in conjunction with Professor Martha Bohm’s elective course. The final outcome of the Studio will be a complete Permit-ready drawing set, including supporting research and anaylsis, ready to proceed to the Bid and Construction Phase.