ARC 605-4- Arch Design Studio 5: Ecological Practices

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Course No.: 10293

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2014 Fall

Location: Crosby – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Garofalo

The Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group Studio’s semester project will develop tectonic systems and

performative surfaces that embed green infrastructure into architecture. We will address architecture’s role in

urban transformation by focusing on the ubiquitous building typologies of the strip mall and the box store. Using

these standard commercial structures as a foundation, the semester’s research and design work will develop

alternative envelope systems and site infrastructure. Proposals will redefine the city and its suburb as a living

performative landscape. Their architectures will aim to break down the distinction between building services and

the landscape, the “natural” and the “synthetic”. These reimagined generic structures will be derived from the

intertwined relationship of natural processes and man-made constructs found in biophylia and biomimicry to

become green infrastructure. Students will engage the ecological, urban and architectural scales through analysis,

material studies, generative geometries, performative prototypes, and visual narratives.