ARC 605-2- Arch Design Studio 5: Material Culture

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Course Details

Course No.: 10367

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2014 Fall

Location: Crosby – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Maher

This studio will utilize collage/assemblage techniques in order to design and construct three mobile, mutable, micro-architectural structures within the former Immaculate Conception Church in Buffalo.
Each of the micro-structures will fulfill one of the following types/programs:
1. TOWER – a vertically organized classroom space
2. CABINET – an expandable gallery/art storage unit
3. INCUBATOR – a place for private, solitary contemplation
As source material for these projects, we will draw upon the persistent theme of “the aedicule” (literally, little building) in architecture.