ARC 593 LAB– Special Topics: Practice in the Expanded Field

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Course No.: 10380

Department: Architecture


Location: Diefendorf – 06

Meeting Day(s): Friday

Meeting Time: 10:00AM - 12:40AM

Faculty: MacKay

Practice in the Expanded Field will research evolving change in the design profession, building industry and client procurement process with the intent of preparing students for future modes of professional practice in the field of architecture.  Students will research key areas of professional practice that have undergone significant change and the resultant impact on the role of the architect in project design/delivery that have resulted from these changes. The class format will include lectures, presentations by outside experts on specific topics and students presentations on selected research topics.

The course will examine emerging Practice in three ways;   1. Identify changes in the project procurement process and examine the new modes of practice that have developed in response to these changes. 2. Re-examine the role of the architect in the design and construction process specifically focusing on the architect as part of the real estate development team. 3. Assist students in the development of the skills necessary to succeed in this new expanded field including the identification of immediate opportunities.