ARC 589LEC – 001– Mapping Ecologies (EP Technical Methods)

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Course Details

Course No.: 21038

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2015 Spring

Location: Crosby – 305

Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Meeting Time: 10:00AM - 12:40PM

Faculty: Garofalo

The Technical Methods course for the Ecological Practices Graduate Research Group will focus on the analytical representation of contemporary ecologies. Ecologies are defined by change, making the indexing of events and conditions over time a critical means of interrogating existing conditions and defining potential futures. The class will engage narrative, qualitative and quantitative expression in the representation of ecological systems, ambient conditions, and socio-cultural relations to the environment. We will explore design strategies for representing process, cause and effect, time, and depicting information through relational graphics, mappings, diagrams and time series. Digital and analog tools will be employed to create mappings and diagrams and experiential drawings that generate alternative readings of existing context.