ARC 547-BRU- Conditional Form

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Course No.: 19512

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2014 Spring

Location: Diefendorf – 202

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Time: 10:00AM - 12:40PM

Faculty: Bruscia

This techniques seminar introduces students to computational design tools that facilitate movement between parametric modeling and material prototyping. Integral to the focus of the course is the preparation of digital models and drawings for fabrication through precise geometric descriptions of complex surfaces and linear systems.
We will take the topic of structural and environmental performance as themes to be explored through various types of code-based computing and simulations, including scripting in Grasshopper 0.9 (and various associated plug-ins) and Python for Rhinoceros 5. Research projects will engage physical prototyping and testing through both manual and digital fabrication; an essential process in understanding material properties, thereby creating an important dialogue between on-screen and off-screen methods of making.
Specific topics for the 2014 Spring semester include the development and performative analysis of gridshell systems as a base for responsive structures. Preparatory exercises and in-class workshops on computational methods and their specific applications in the design-to-fabrication workflow will occur a priori to group research projects. While the course is hands-on and technical in nature, a series of readings and case studies will provide context and further insight into the affordances of these tools in practice and research.