ARC 547-BRU– Conditional Form

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Course Details

Course No.: 18028

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2016 Spring

Location: Hayes C – 05

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Time: 10:00AM - 12:40PM

Faculty: Bruscia

This techniques seminar introduces students to computational design tools that facilitate movement between parametric simulation and material prototyping. Students will become familiar with the possibilities of these tools via exercises in time-based drawing and modeling physical forces to discover formal variety. Following these experiments, the focus of the course will shift to analysis and optimization for buildability. Examples include surface planarization to approximate curvature using sheet materials, and tailoring tensile membrane surfaces with seam patterning. Students will be required to test the accuracy of this workflow against material constraints by building scaled models and constructing larger prototypes.


Skill-building exercises and in-class workshops will occur prior to research projects. While the course is hands-on and technical in nature, selected case studies intend to provide insight into the use of these tools in architectural practice and research.


The coding environment focused on in the course will be Processing, with the option to use Python. Later in the term, simulated 3D models may be translated to Rhino/Grasshopper for post-processing using add-ons such as Kangaroo, Karamba, and Evolute. Based on individual interest and incoming skill level, students may select a particular tool to develop a more focused proficiency.