ARC 404-3 LAB- Design Build

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Course Details

Course No.: 24623

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2014 Spring

Location: Parker – 2

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 5:00 - 7:40 pm

Faculty: Romano, Russell


The Design Build Seminar is set up to partner with internal and external organizations to provide both a unique and wholesale learning experience as well as access to design and build services from the Department of Architecture. This partnership will yield a selection of projects, each with an attached “client” that can be designed, planned, managed and constructed by the Design Build Seminar. The seminar is divided into three parts.

1) Design

The Design phase is intended to offer a live project setting in which students will propose designs for projects selected from our list of partners. The design must include drawings intended for construction, budget forecasts, and a building plan and timeline. (All requirements will be detailed in the syllabus).

 2) Jury

The Jury will convene around midterm, and will include the partners‐client, the teaching team, representatives from the school of Architecture and Planning, as well as additional internal and external stakeholders. –NOT ALL DESIGNS WILL BE SELECTED FOR CONSTRUCTION—

 3) Construction

The construction phase will involve jury selected projects being constructed by all students enrolled in the seminar. The course will meet for 3 hours every week, external commitments may be necessary, especially during the construction phase. Large projects may have a construction phase run into the summer months.