ARC 404LAB CART– Architecture Design Practicum

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Course No.: 17541

Department: Architecture


Location: Crosby – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 4:10PM

Faculty: Carter

This course will speculate on the potential materiality of a number of unbuilt houses that have significantly contributed to the architectural discourse. Each of the houses proposes a radical alternative or critical response to the archetypal conceptions of domestic space. Students will develop the design of a key element within this houses: a door, window, wall or stair.
This seminar will explore the relationship between the interpretation of the concept sketch and the specificity of design. How can the design of the house components be integral to the experience of the whole? Students will exercise advanced design skills by materializing the ambitioned plastic and conceptual qualities of the original design in one of the house’s fundamental components.
Across these case studies the seminar will open a discussion about various models and ideas of inhabitation while questioning different ways to define domesticity.